Africa: How has income
inequality changed
over time?


The Gini coefficient is a measure of income inequality. It can change in

response to policy, national and world events, and economic factors.

This rotated scatterplot displays changes in the coefficient for any

two 5-year periods from 1976 to 2015, with a focus on Africa.

Countries for which data are available in both selected time

periods appear on the plot. Hover and click on any point

to view country name, change in Gini score, and more

data. Navigate here for data sources, project details,

and a guide to interpreting the rotated scatterplot.



Data source: World Bank World Development Indicators, retrieved October 2017
Gini ranges: United Nations Development Programme Income Inequality Trends in sub-Saharan Africa: Divergence, Determinants, and Consequences, published September 2017
Visualization: Julian H. Lange, December 2017